• 「Beginner Chicken Farming」When is the best time to raise chickens?

    Although chickens can be reared all year round, the survival rate and productivity will vary depending on the season of rearing. Therefore the timing of the brood is still quite important. If the equipment is not very good, you can consider the natural climatic conditions of brooding.   1.Sprin...
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  • This country plans to “abandon dollar and euro settlements”!

    Belarus plans to abandon the use of the U.S. dollar and the euro in trade settlements with other countries within the Eurasian Economic Union by the end of 2023, Belarusian First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Snopkov said in a speech to parliament on 24 . The Eurasian Economic Union was establishe...
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  • New listing-Woodworking planer

    New listing-Woodworking planer

    Woodworking planer is used to create boards that is parallel and an even thickness throughout their length making it flat on theupper surface. A machine consists of three elements, a cutter head which contains the cutting knives, a set of in feed and out feed rollers which draw the board through ...
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  • May Promotion

    May Promotion

    Excited to share our May Promotion with you! Please check the promotion details:   1) 20 incubator:$28/unit$22/unit 1. equipped with LED efficient egg lighting function, back lighting is also clear, illuminating the beauty of the “egg”, with just a touch, you can see the hatchin...
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  • These hugely successful companies came from China. But you’d never know

    These hugely successful companies came from China. But you’d never know

    Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, doesn’t want to be called a Chinese company. It was founded in Shanghai in 2017 but had to leave China just a few months later because of a major regulatory crackdown on the industry. Its origin story remains an albatross for the company, says...
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  • This country, customs “completely collapsed”: all goods can not be cleared!

    This country, customs “completely collapsed”: all goods can not be cleared!

    According to foreign media reports, Kenya is experiencing a major logistics crisis, as the customs electronic portal suffered a failure (has lasted a week), a large number of goods can not be cleared, stranded in ports, yards, airports, Kenyan importers and exporters or face billions of dollars i...
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  • Dual power supply for large machines is no longer a concept

    Dual power supply for large machines is no longer a concept

    1. Happy Worker’s Day,  do you get your holiday? With Labor Day right around the corner, are you already planning a trip for the holiday? It’s an international holiday that I’m sure you’re looking forward to.  2. Wonegg launched 3000W inverter to 1000-10000 egg incubator. &nb...
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  • New listing-poultry Scalding machine

    New listing-poultry Scalding machine

    The HHD scalding machine holds a constant water temperature to help you achieve that perfect scald.   Feature * Full stainless Steel Construction * 3000W Heating Power for scalding machine * Large Basket to hold more chicken one time * Automatic temperature controller to keep the suitable scaldin...
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  • What is FCC certification?

    What is FCC certification?

    FCC Introduction: FCC is the abbreviation of Federal Communications Commission (FCC).FCC certification is a mandatory certification in the United States, mainly for 9kHz-3000GHz electronic and electrical products, involving radio, communications and other aspects of radio interference issues.FCC ...
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  • Chinese Traditional Festival – Ching Ming Festival (April 5th)

    Chinese Traditional Festival – Ching Ming Festival (April 5th)

    Tomb-sweeping Festival, also known as Outing Qing Festival,, March Festival, Ancestor Worship Festival, etc., is held at the turn of mid-spring and late spring. Tomb-sweeping Day originated from the ancestor beliefs of early humans and the etiquette and customs of spring sacrifices. It is the mo...
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  • For China: Effective immediately, these countries remove restrictions!

    01 Japan, Korea and Australia adjust their policies to increase the number of incoming and outgoing flights According to the Australian Federal Department of Health, Australia has removed the pre-trip new crown test requirement for passengers arriving from Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, China and...
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  • Confused,hesitant? Which incubator suit for you?

    Confused,hesitant? Which incubator suit for you?

    The peak hatching season has arrived. Is everyone ready? Maybe you are still confused, hesitant and don’t know which incubator on the market is right for you. You can trust HHD, we have 12 years of experience and can provide the best products and services.  It’s March now, and itR...
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